Fellowship in Central Colorado Springs
1907 Payton Circle
Off Constitution one block east of Murray.
Turn right on Brady then right on Payton Circle.
Sunday at 10:30 am
jmelton@faithfulstewards.com, (719)439-0036

Fellowship in Southeast Aurora
Run by James and Taylor Dykstra
Sunday at 10:45 am
taylor.k.gensch@gmail.com, james.dykstra@gmail.com

Fellowship off Powers
Run by Peter Martinez
Sunday at 10:30 am
Bible Study Thursday 7:30 pm

Fellowship in Pueblo MNF! (Monday Night Fellowship)
Run by Jerry and Anna Ciordia
Monday Night, 6:30 to eat, 7:30 for Bible
jcing3@msn.com, wwog3@msn.com

Young Adult Fellowship
Wednesday at 7:30 pm